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Coffee House Mc Queen
Located at the heart of Paris, a japanese coffee lounge originally from an ancient style called “Kissa-Ten”. 

Today, the number of Kissa-Ten is a third less than its glory times. Back on time, the Kissa-Ten were frequented by people looking for relaxed meetings, enjoying an encounter by drinking a delicious coffee well prepared by the “master”.

Feeling nostalgy about this age, the Coffee House Mc Queen purpose is to invite you to discover this unique atmosphere. A place where we can listen to japanese music surrounded by aromas of coffee. A way to live the beautiful era of the Kissa-Ten. A timeless experience with a singulary taste.

Salon de Café Mc Queen, 16 rue Molière, 75001 Paris


Station: Pyramides on lines 7 et 14
Station: Palais Royal Musée du Louvre on lines 1 et 7


Stop: Palais Royal – Comédie Française on lines 21, 27, 39, 48, 67, 68, 81, 95

“Arita-Yaki”, our coffee cups made of porcelain.
To better enhance the coffee flavor coming from precious coffee grains, we serve the coffee in a japanese porcelain cup called “Arita-Yaki”. Combine coffee and a piece of japanese traditional art brings a unique taste. Half western, half japanese, another way to discover the charm hiding in the coffee.

Our coffee grain
All coffee grains, even if its good quality, it loose its flavor on the timeline. From all this variety of grains, roasted grain are considered as “fresh product”. After the grain is roasted, the grain will maintain its flavor during 2 weeks.

Beyond this period, the flavor will start to decrease and turn acid, taking away its aroma. While fresh grains puff up like a dome shape when it’s dripped and release all its delicious aroma. Of course You can discover it with our coffee.

If your coffee doesn’t puff up, that means that coffee grains weren’t fresh enough. Grains which just finished to be roasted are definitly the ones which make your coffee with an amazing taste. This freshness is essential for the coffee grains.

Kissa-Ten’s “Parfait”
The “Parfait” its a very popular dessert in Japan. We can find it mostly on the old style “Kissa-Ten”. The japanese Parfait is different from France’s version. It was modified, refined, adapted, seeking for a deeper gourmet taste with plenty of different textures. We have a large variety of Parfait, from the most classical ones to the more originals.

Our homemade syrup.
Come to enjoy the unique taste of our delicious and fresh drinks based on japanese homemade syrups. Different flavors are available, depending on the current season.